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4 tools to empower your Intranet & managing remote employees

Given the trend towards collaboration and the value placed on engagement, it’s a fact that an intranet web portal is more relevant than ever in the workplace.

Collaboration drives responsibility and improves productivity, especially when teams work virtually, and as technology evolves, using cloud-based software to share files and communicate has transformed the concept of the workplace.

People communicate, collaborate on their workplaces, perform their roles, and get work done, that’s how they behave during their work hours. An intranet web portal should serve not only as a collaboration space, but also as an efficient tool that helps them complete their tasks, stand out and deliver.

A study delivered in 2016 reported that the digitalization of work processes was considered to be very important by 56.6% of employees in the workplace, leading to time and work is saved. So, including tools that enable a better and faster way to complete tasks is something that most companies/organizations need to consider to engage and make employees happier.

An intranet web portal is a powerful enabler solution that will solve your workforce needs and it needs a mix of tools that solve the problems of communication, collaboration, business processes, and information.

What tools to look for in an intranet solution?

04 - Improved productivity_03When deciding what to update or integrate to your intranet web portal, any company needs to identify what are the tools your teamwork demands, and that are aligned to the way they get their work done.


1. Custom Directories

This is a simple but highly effective tool for medium to large companies that have employees across multiple departments. Create a staff directory that includes the photo, the biographical information of each member, current projects, and expertise areas. This will help others to identify colleagues, managers, and even members who work remotely.


2. Interactive Calendars

Keep your team updated with all the relevant information related to corporate events and more in a centralized location. For managers, it would be much easier to upload this type of information to the intranet’s event calendar rather than notifying everyone via email.


3. Intuitive Search Functions

Many organizations do not consider the inner workings of their intranets' search, which results in users' frustration over not being able to find what they are seeking. One of the most common complaints we hear from all users is “I can’t find anything with the search”.

A search function is often one of the most important elements in determining a user’s satisfaction and efficiency in an intranet. It is an essential tool that will allow users to find information quickly and efficiently.

Leverage the power of your intranet web portal with an intuitive search and navigation function that will allow employees to find the information they need without having to look on different files and folders.


4. Seamless Integrations

Take a step forward and make your intranet web portal even easier to use with prebuilt seamless integrations to connect your workplace.

Our intranets are built through Microsoft’s SharePoint solutions and this enables the integration with Teams, Outlook 365 Calendar, One Drive and Microsoft Office Tools, among others.

These integrations will help companies and organizations to get the most of their investments, allowing access to the tools they need 24/7 in one single place.


Empower your workforce with an intranet web portal

Is an intranet web portal here to stay? Definitely! We believe there is no better way to describe a collection of empowering tools that drives communication and collaboration like an intranet.

Forget about multiple software’s of different apps, the real beauty of an intranet is that all these great tools can be available and easily integrated into your customized platform.

Discover some of the empowering tools that needs to be integrated in your intranet web platform. Learn More

Are you ready to empower your intranet web portal with the tools your workforce needs to be productive?

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