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How to engage with Millennials through an intranet web portal

Millennials are expected to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025 and as they’re joining companies to develop their careers, companies are looking for innovative solutions to engage with them.

The Millennial generation is unique in many ways and demands different things to get their work done in comparison to previous generations did. Keeping them motivated, engaged and socially connected is vital for them. Just remember that motivated employees are better employees.

Use your intranet web portal to connect with Millennials

Millennial-WorkforceIntranets are transforming into something more than work tools, the concept itself evolved into a solution that is enabling employees to stay connected, informed, and focused on their work.

Millennials want convenience and accessibility. They want to like to find and get things faster, so an intranet can be a game-changer into any workplace because it’s a centralized web platform that allows collaboration, file/document sharing, virtual meetings, and so much more.

With that in mind, engage with Millennial through an intranet web portal with these three tips:

1. Encourage team building

Millennials also want to be able to connect with their co-workers, even if teams are separated remotely. One way to do that is through an intranet.

While some may think that an intranet web platform is a potential distraction, it can ultimately help your business by turning your workforce into a community and facilitating strong communication between your employees.

Intranets could also serve as a meeting space to collaborate in real-time. They also include directories that include customized information about each team/company member.

Embrace the social power of an intranet web portal!

2. Give them feedback

Millennials crave feedback on their work, not because they want to be patted on the back every time, they complete an assignment, but because they want to do solid work. Millennials often seek out feedback as a way of growing in their jobs and ensuring that they’re contributing.

Also, regular meetings and continuous feedback boost engagement and performance. Schedule weekly meetings with Millennials and get their feedback as well.

An intranet web portal is a perfect solution to collaborate in real-time and daily, allowing users to share files and documents. With that being said, managers can leave comments and notify users about approvals.

3. Recognize

Public recognition is possible through an intranet web portal. According to Mark Fulford, MBA professor at the University of Central Missouri, "Millennials expect to be recognized much more frequently than members of previous generations," so recognizing, praising, and celebrating their successes whenever possible is on top of the game.

Remember that an intranet is a single portal where all employees are connected. All members of the company will be notified about rewards, announcements, and will get the update about team member recognition.


Millennials are an interconnected generation. They are willing to bond together and collaborate in order to work in a place where technology helps them deliver and develop.

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