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Why Should Leaders Communicate Through the SharePoint Intranet?

If there is one skill that’s common among all leaders, it’s quality communication. Additionally, leaders can influence their employees as they lead by example. Research suggests that 3 in 4 employees regard effective communication as the most critical leadership attribute they look for.

However, 74% of employees also feel like they miss out on company news, leading to confusion and frustration.

For many years, SharePoint has strived to bridge the gap between employees and senior leadership through a one-of-a-kind intranet solution.

Now, getting a new intranet software will not magically make your communications problem disappear. You need to encourage your employees to engage with their team members via the intranet. But most importantly, the senior leadership needs to play their part in making your intranet a considerable success.

When it comes to engaging with your company’s intranet, you can expect a mixed response. Half of your leaders might realize the value of having a company intranet, while half of them will disregard the platform as another weighing responsibility.

This is where you are presented with the challenge of showing them that the intranet can be a useful tool for themselves as well as their company.

How to Create an Intranet that Engages Your Leadership

Your company’s intranet is more than a communication platform. It serves a place where your company’s employees and leaders can interact, brainstorm ideas, discuss projects, and remain updated on the company news.

To make your company’s intranet successful, you need to involve and engage the leadership. This is how you can achieve that.

Spark Their Interest in Promoting Your Company’s Intranet

The majority of the senior leadership is ignorant of the transformational power of an intranet. They fail to realize that they are inspiring their employees to leverage the intranet to achieve their goals.

This is why you need to involve them in launching your company’s intranet through regular meetings for planning and structuring the intranet. This way, the entire workforce feels obligated to use the intranet as the leadership endorses it.

Align the Intranet with Your Organization’s Vision

Regardless of the features your intranet offers, the senior leadership fails to grasp the importance of intranet and how it serves them in achieving their goals.

But when you align the entire system with your company goals, your leadership will be more tempted to engage with it. For example, your intranet can serve as a platform where the employees can work on critical issues, share their knowledge, or ask questions from the management. This leads to a reduction in time-consuming mistakes as well as an increase in productivity among your company’s staff.

Encourage Them to Recognize the Hard Work of Their Employees

It is a fact that recognition and appreciation for an employee’s efforts make them work harder. Implementing an intranet system that encourages the senior leadership to display appreciation for an employee’s hard work makes them feel valued.

Moreover, this serves as an inspiration for the employees when they witness that the senior leadership regularly engages with the intranet.

Create A Knowledge Sharing Environment

Designing the intranet as a place that promotes learning leaves a positive impact on your employees. Also, it allows the leaders to share their experiences or other interesting articles with their audience that instills the idea of innovation.

Rendering the intranet as a platform for learning promotes a positive work culture that encourages the employees to adopt new ways of envisioning a project.

In Conclusion

Not all leaders realize the importance of using their company’s intranet to engage with the employees. This is why you need to empower them with the right intranet to effectively communicate with the entire organization.

Once they are in tune with all the benefits that an intranet offers, you will experience massive engagement from your employees and an increase in their productivity.

Definity First offers the best Intranet services that empower your senior leadership to leave a positive impact on their workforce.


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