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Why it's important to invest in an intranet web portal assessment & strategy?

An Intranet Web Portal is specially designed for the employees, suppliers, and customers of an organization to give them quick access to important data and documents. It is essentially a virtual location where data is saved, managed, and shared among the stakeholders to ensure a smooth flow of information.

Having the right intranet web portal is crucial for any organization as it helps maintain clear communication and coordination amongst all members – especially customers and employees. In fact, according to this study by Microsoft, around 90% of customers expect companies to have an online portal for customer service.

Therefore, we can certainly assume that having an intranet web portal is key to any business's success.

Let's take a look at some of the reasons why businesses should invest in a web portal review and create a viable strategy based on the results of that assessment.

A web portal assessment – what it means to your business

Improved productivity_2Conducting a web portal assessment lets businesses figure out if they even need a web portal in the first place, and how to go about developing one that fulfills every stakeholder's needs.

An assessment of your web portal will help you learn more about the following facets of your company intranet:

  1. Usability
  2. Functionality
  3. Reliability
  4. Efficiency

It should also highlight the key users of the portal, understand their needs and requirements, and rank them in order of importance. By understanding which users need the portal the most, the portal can be designed to reflect the most efficient use of resources.

Businesses often see disagreements break out between different departments such as HR, IT, and Marketing on the ownership of the intranet.

Through assessment, you can put such conflict to rest and determine which department has the biggest stake on the web portal. Additionally, it can also help devise ways where each department's needs are met without compromising stakeholder's needs.

You can also build your intranet's reliability by holding focus group meetings to discuss performance issues or other general problems faced by its users.

Why invest in an intranet web portal strategy?

Once the challenges and issues are identified through the assessment, the next step is to develop a strategy to overcome these obstacles. The purpose of the strategy is to create a framework that acts as a guide in the decision-making process.

It includes all activities and plans for building and implementing an internal web portal. This also takes account of strategic plans and tactical needs, such as the information architecture and wireframes for the website.

The portal strategy also acts as a tool to align everyone to the organization's goals and internal communications targets while also improving organization and productivity.

It also sets a threshold for success – by putting relevant benchmarks in place, the strategy provides a holistic overview of the mission of the portal as well as its scope and operations.

Lets boost your intranet together!

Having a good intranet portal is vital to the success of any company as it is a key to successful internal communications. Assessing and developing a strategy is imperative since it adjusts the portal to the organization's goals and mission.

Here at Definity First, we help organizations guarantee a cohesive and coordinated relationship among all prime portal users to ensure a better future for everyone. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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