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Why Is Microsoft Teams Your Best Choice In Project Management Software?

Microsoft Teams is a potent communication and collaboration platform that helps with document management, video meetings, real-time chat, etc.

Microsoft Teams reached 270 million users in 2022, up from 145 million it reported in 2021.

Many organizations opt for Teams to manage and connect with their remote crews. In 2020, the tool gained 95 million users, quadrupling from 20 million users in November 2019. Moreover, the daily active users of Teams have almost folded the previous year, augmenting from 75 million users (2020) to 145 million (2021).

Users are familiar with the Microsoft Teams’ video conference and chat features, but do you know that the platform is also an excellent tool for project management?

The process aims at internal initiatives or clients. There are also indirect cost benefits of using Microsoft Teams that include the number of overall hours saved in your project management procedure.

Microsoft’s platform users’ survey reported that 88% of the respondents said that having all their solutions in a unified location saves them time, and on average, employees saved 1 to 8 hours/week.

Why Leverage Microsoft Teams as your Project Management Software?

Microsoft Teams is a robust communication tool, and users can leverage it to collaborate with their team members and collaborate via voice and chat, and video calling capabilities.

Moreover, the platform allows for presentation, white-boarding, and document collaboration, capabilities miles ahead of their well-known communication functionality.

With multiple versatile features, the entire organization can leverage Microsoft Teams to carry on seamless processes and stay connected.

If you are still wondering why Microsoft Teams is the best tool for project management, here are some viable reasons why this platform helps manage projects successfully.

  • Robust Voicemail and Call Features

The most significant facet of project management is connecting with every team member to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Microsoft Teams lets you send people voicemails and call them. Since the calling system works like a regular telephonic system but better, you can make it your organization’s default phone system.

It provides you the detail of all recent calls – attended and missed – in the Activities Tab. Additionally, connecting your telephony system to Teams can help you transcribe your audio messages.

  • Effective Chat Capabilities

As communication is critical for efficient project management, Microsoft Teams makes sure that you have numerous ways to connect with people and teams working on the same task as you.

By leveraging Teams, you don’t have to rely on a single communication channel: emails completely, thanks to the platform’s powerful Chat capability. Sending out emails is time-consuming but necessary, so people are moving to quicker communication methods.

With Microsoft Teams, you have a proper chat tab to send instant messages to everyone within the team and across the organization. Alternately, you can categorize project members separately if only a specific number of individuals are undertaking an assignment.

You can choose to group people based on how frequently you converse with them. That way, it’s easier and quicker to find the well-suited person for a specific task at hand. If there’s a sudden requirement for a video discussion, MS Teams can facilitate it.

  • Optimized For Mobile Users

Another aspect that makes Microsoft Teams ideal for project management is this platform’s mobile readiness.

Most people use computers and laptops for official work. What if someone has to head out for an unavoidable chore, such as a dentist appointment, a child’s recital, or they want to take their furry friend out for a walk? They can stay connected and aware of the rest of the team’s progress through Teams.

The platform offers the same functionality on mobile devices as it does on the computer/laptop. As a result, you don’t miss out on any essential details even when you are on the go.

  • Easy Integration Process

Regardless of the subject, each project and its deliverables are multi-faceted. So, you don’t have to use various software and tools to ensure efficient, streamlined execution of tasks.

Other project management systems may require third-party options, but Microsoft Teams offers a comprehensive project management solution for your specific business needs. You can also access Microsoft Word for sharing or creating documents.

What if your entire team is working/discussing a document?
Teams easily allow you to open that document in chat while talking about it. So, the platform extends engagement and collaboration to a level other solutions can hardly match.

Microsoft Excel is also available for working on data or recording. You can use PowerPoint to create and give presentations to your colleagues and enjoy the advantages of SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams is an effective and viable project management solution when used correctly. From collaborating on documents, monitoring tasks, white-boarding sessions, hosting meetings, and keeping all the project-related files in a centralized location, Teams is undeniably an advanced and cutting-edge secret weapon for project management needs.

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