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Encourage Well-Being and Productivity Across a Hybrid Work Culture

As employee well-being takes precedence in light of the pandemic, forward-thinking industry leaders realize that ensuring their people's happiness, security, and productivity is key to business growth and prosperity.

Moreover, holistic health and learning tools have become the need of the hour in the new world of remote working as it threatens slower productivity due to a burnt-out workforce.

Enter Microsoft Viva.

Microsoft Viva – What is it?

Viva Insights provide a deep cognizance to leaders, team managers, and employees to promote a positive work environment. In the long run, these aspects play a vital role in the growth of an organization.

The data-driven insights provide work patterns and visibility. By analyzing these work patterns, team leads and managers can simultaneously work on potential areas to increase well-being and achieve business targets.

It is a Microsoft team app which aims to improve well-being and productivity through data-driven recommendations, privacy protection, and insights recommendations. Microsoft Viva has four modules

  • Viva Insights
  • Viva connections
  • Viva topics
  • Viva learning

Viva insights provide in-depth data analysis through several advanced tools and immediately provides recommendations. Moreover, it offers remarkable privacy and data protection to leaders, managers, and individuals, along with identity protection.

Who Can Use Viva Insights and Why

Whether your teams are remote or in-house, it is imperative to prevent burnout and ensure their long-term well-being. Microsoft Viva Insights enables people and organizations to succeed and perform by offering them data-driven recommendations to enhance their productivity and safety.

Here's what that means for the different stakeholders:

Insight for Leaders

For a leader, it is crucial to know their organization's work environment and well-being. Leader insight provides deep insights into the struggles and queries of teams and individuals. The more a leader has information, the more efficient policies a leader will make to boost employee morale and efficiency.

Viva insights for leaders provide recommendations to areas where improvement can be made to enhance business outcomes. Sometimes a change in plan and work pattern can be beneficial.

Leaders can identify unhealthy patterns that affect employees after their work hours, or they are getting overwhelmed by meetings and tasks. Leaders can create best practices to implement for employee welfare.

Insights for Managers

Insights for managers help them understand the employees and team members better. Work patterns are an essential aspect to consider for managers to reduce employee stress.

Another important objective of these insights is to create a work-life balance for your team members. A healthy work environment plays a crucial role in company growth.

A manager's role is also to address the challenges faced by their team members and provide them with solutions and employee flexibility.

Create an action plan to solve problems and be open to employees' recommendations. Through insights, managers can identify where their team members are isolated or abandoned to build communication for employee engagements.

Insight for Employees

Individuals with better mental health and work-life balance are more motivated and efficient. These insights help individuals stay connected and build strong relationships within their work environment.

Insights for Individuals help employees find practical recommendations that include prioritizing tasks, managing time, achieving deadlines, having one-on-one meetings and consultation, and information on shared documents, emails, and chats.

With insights promoting well-being, breaks, and meditation for employees, they will be more focused on work than ever.

What Else Can I Get?

Here's a quick look at the other modules you can take advantage of:

Viva Connections

Viva connections aim to connect team members and reduce gaps between team leads and members, which will keep them motivated and inspired.

Viva connections bring resources, relevant news, and chats to team members to make them feel connected and updated. In a remote or hybrid workplace, there is a lack of physical interaction, but viva connections don't let reduce employee encouragement.

Viva connections allows employees to share their feedback, views, and opinions about any issue or topic.

Viva Topics

The faster an employee gets information on a topic, the more productive they are. Viva topic is an AI-powered tool that automatically delivers relevant content to the user.

An employee can save five to eight productive weeks if the information is relevant and available quickly. Microsoft Viva topic searches your organization's database and makes them into customized pages with easy access and exchange.

Viva Learning

A public survey of chief executive officers shows that they are concerned that the slow development of skills will affect their business growth. Microsoft Viva learning provides learning opportunities to users with different learning programs and platforms.

Viva learning provides a variety of courses and events through Microsoft teams via integration of 3rd part platforms.


It is crucial to think and work for your employee's well-being and happiness. Tools like Microsoft Viva Insight are leading the role in work-life balance. Consider Microsoft Insights an essential resource for hybrids and remote working environments for you and your team.

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