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Using Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive for collaboration

Collaboration in work is essential for any team project, especially when working remotely. Microsoft 365 allows this adaptation of sharing your work from anywhere and at any time by using specific tools.

With the help of Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, you can ensure optimal productivity whether you have access to a laptop or a mobile device. You can easily share Office files, attend online meetings, and collaborate in real-time.

According to a 2020 survey, Microsoft Teams was the second most used collaboration tool among US workers after the Pandemic.

With the help of these collaborative platforms, you can ensure work efficiency. Read ahead to see how these web-based storage and management systems can help.


Teams and SharePoint work together as both of them have each other's sites or channels. SharePoint allows access to files to a large number of people as they are stored in the cloud. Additionally, it enables you to use document process flows, file permission management, retention policies, etc.

You can use SharePoint in the following ways:

  • Give access permission and ownership to many people. This helps to share the responsibility of an important project document with others in the team to handle the situation on-site.
  • Collaborate on files, page creation, shared notebook usage, and the integrated group of Office 365 to combine calendars, tasks, and conversations.
  • Make site pages to sort information, post news, give contact data and allow navigation to media, documents, and various other details.

Microsoft Teams

One of the most significant advantages of using Microsoft Teams is that you can access essential files and share them with your team in real-time. This helps save time as everyone can own these together and discuss them while a meeting is going on. SharePoint stores any documents that people share in Microsoft teams.

Communication is also very easy through Microsoft Teams to keep everyone connected. This includes persistent, threaded, and private chats. It's even more convenient to chat with someone even when they are offline, especially if there is a time zone difference.

Persistent conversation history allows exchange at any time. At the same time, private chats enable real-time collaboration on a document that you can even continue after a call. You can easily retrieve essential discussions with the help of the pinning option.

Microsoft Teams enables you to make private or public teams. The former one's membership is managed while anyone in the organization can open the latter one.


If you want access to your personal documents or files even while offline, OneDrive allows you to do that by acting as the cloud version of My Documents. It stores these files securely and always keeps them in sync for availability.

You can keep your files with you and share them whenever you want. OneDrive helps to sustain your incomplete files and post them for review once done on a Teams channel.

Furthermore, it enables you to share separate files with a handful of people or not share them at all. Until you allow sharing, OneDrive keeps all documents private. You can choose to share them individually and simultaneously work on documents with others. This feature helps to keep draft documents confidential and is extremely useful in school or work. Collaborators need a link for the document and permission to add comments. They receive a mail with a link to it if you use the @ sign with their name.


Whether you study or work, you can reap the maximum benefits of Microsoft's web-based storage and management platforms. You don't have to worry about losing files or sharing your work with others. The cloud solutions help you store them online and access documents even offline.

These systems have truly transformed and enhanced work collaboration enabling effective sharing of work while also keeping your files and documents secure.

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