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3 tips to help extrovert team members thrive in the remote workplace

Working outside of a traditional office, especially in work from home settings, is every introvert's dream job. However, for extrovert employees who thrive on human connection and their ability to express, remote work can have an adverse effect on their productivity, but a well-functioning intranet web portal might be the answer.


Since extroverts are used to the attraction at work, they may struggle with loneliness and find it challenging to stay motivated when working from home. In that moment, it's important to have an intranet web portal that provides the missing attraction and socialization for those extroverts. 

Moreover, team members also find that their top-notch diplomacy and people skills are severely limited in the remote work environment – which can dishearten them.  

However, there is a way for them to be just as impactful. We present you with our tried-and-tested tips:


How to help extrovert team members thrive while working remotely through intranet web portal.  


  1. Make time for virtual coffee chats

  2. Launch online coworking sessions  

  3. Switch on your webcam 


Virtual chats with coffee 

3 Tips to Help Extrovert Team Members Thrive in The Remote Workplace

According to Buffer's State of Remote Work Report, 20% of respondents said loneliness was their biggest struggle when working from home. In fact, this can get rough for extrovert team members who can no longer indulge in morning coffee chats or daily water cooler gossip with their favorite colleagues. 


We suggest that team leaders begin the workday with virtual coffee sessions or ring up for a mid-day caffeine fix where everyone can sit back, relax, and discuss whatever's on their minds.  


Sharing a cup with coworkers will not only add a social element to somewhat isolated work lives but also encourages employees to set time out to de-stress.  


This way, you can help your extrovert coworkers combat the detached nature of remote work, and give them new opportunities to hold meaningful conversations and strengthen their work relationships.


A good intranet web portal offers a good in real time communication such as messages, calls with or without video possibility 


Online coworking sessions

As daycare centers and schools stay closed, the fine line between personal commitments and work responsibilities at home has already disappearedTherefore, extroverts can find it challenging to stay productive when faced with the monumental task of working from home – many remote workers even go as far as to say they are only 30% engaged in their work.  


Even more so, the transition from pop-over-the-desk conversations to static online meetings can foster severe procrastination as employees start to lose interest in work. 

However, this makes it all the more important for team leads and project managers to start virtual coworking sessions.


These ensure that employees stay focused on their tasks and accountable for the time they're supposed to put into work.  


With intranet web portal platforms like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Business Voice – it's easy to set up.  


Take an advantage of your webcam

3 Tips to Help Extrovert Team Members Thrive in The Remote Workplace

Given that team members often miss the face-to-face interactions with each other, sharing your webcam can do wonders to humanize almost robotic business calls.  


Moreover, the ability to see their coworker's facial expressions enables extrovert employees to read cues they wouldn't notice otherwise, allowing positive energy and passion to seep through online conversations 



Key Takeaway 


Just because extrovert team members can't meet their coworkers face to face, it doesn't have to limit them from making genuine connections, both at home and in person. That’s why its important to have a good SharePoint intranet to support the features your employees need. 


The truth is that with the right intention, working from home can foster more social interaction and collaboration to help extroverts thrive in the remote workplace.   

The features mentioned above, are great to empower all your internal communications while most your teams are now working remotely.


It’s important to have all the potential out from your intranet web portal. Support your employees’, departments and remote teams with some powerful Intranet web portal features to deliver better performance and employee satisfaction in your company. 


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