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How to manage a crisis with your intranet & support remote teams

As we have seen with the coronavirus pandemic, a crisis has the potential to hit at any time, and the coronavirus pandemic is the current proof of a huge crisis.

While coronavirus spreads globally, companies and organizations are executing strategies, implementing security protocols, managing information, while they deal with employees leaving to work remotely, but one thing is common across any type of emergency scenario: communication is key for effective responses and processes.

Having the right communication tools is essential during a crisis and this may be the perfect time to consider an intranet web portal as your game-changer.

Maybe your company already has an intranet web portal or you’re simply considering an option that suits what you need to facilitate internal communications and manage a crisis.

Power up your intranet web portal as a crisis management tool & communicate better


Thanks to a broad range of features, your intranet web portal can be used to facilitate the full spectrum of communication strategies required at the height of an emergency situation and keep your employees informed about the latest news or company updates.

Your workforce needs to be connected and informed on a daily basis during a crisis. If there’s one thing that a crisis like a coronavirus pandemic has taught to companies globally, is that an intranet (when implemented) can work as the centralized point of contact between employers and employees.

Your intranet web portal will be your best line of defense in keeping your company message  clear, allowing to communicate better with some of the following:

  • Place your messages on your home page to alert and direct employees
  • Provide important messages from managers, CEO and presidents.
  • Maintain a confident tone of voice and a clear posture as you keep your messaging consistent and relevant with instructions clear and direct.

With this said, remember that teams need to come together in times of crisis!

Uncertainty and crises are stressful, which makes it easy to forget what protocol is, or even where to find it, but your intranet can play the role of a centralized repository for critical information such as documents and files through Microsoft’s SharePoint integration.

Crisis management protocols and procedures can be included through this centralized repository in order to keep your workforce updated and your critical information in a safe place.

Enjoy a connected, informed & engaged workforce at their fingertips

1. Notification Functions

An intranet will also ensure that your employees get real-time information and alerts with quick links to further information if required, using @mentioning by individual, team, or location – or to relevant policies, pages, or areas on your intranet.


2. Content Management Tools

Your intranet is not only a platform, it provides the following content management and communications tools, but the full potential of this solution may be unleashed by each of the areas involved in its management and the way teams collaborate. Bringing all the elements together positions the intranet as a core business tool that supports the streamlining of tasks and processes.


Your intranet web portal as a vital communication resource 

When companies and organizations are empowered, this translates into more effective management of a crisis like the one we are facing.

Remember that in tough times your intranet web portal will be a vital communications tool that protects your employees, enable teams to make decisions, and leverage its power for emergency management and crisis communications. Your intranet will be the heart of your organization that will make your employees feel safe and stay in touch.

Are you ready to use your intranet  web portal as your communication tool?

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