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How to use an intranet web portal to save in expenses

Nowadays, most of the corporations have their own intranet web portal. It’s somewhat like the company’s ‘’online handbook’’ and communication tool for the people working inside of the company. 

For many large and international corporations, using an intranet makes a good business sense. In a nutshell, an intranet web portal operates much like the internet a worldwide except it operates on a much smaller and isolated scale. In this way, in an organization, it means linking your employees in an exciting way. 

The truth is that now even small or medium-size companies will benefit from these tools that have been assisting the biggest companies to transform organizational culture, drive innovation and fuel cohesion across the workforce. 

As someone who grew up in this digital age, there are two things that are important to my productivity and results. The first one is that I need to be able to share and access information as easily and pain-free as possible and I need to be able to connect my teammates in real-time. 

 Thankfully, intranets are still alive and thriving. Your intranet is the online portal for your company, containing all of the information that keeps your company running.  

Allow some of the following six benefits in your intranet web portal to save in expenses:

IntranetWebPortal-Benefits-COVID191. More efficient processes and operations 

If you are compiling a business case for your new intranet web portal you will need to review the benefits for your own organization and understand it’s potential. Successful intranets are saving money and resources all the way from the hiring process to the product or service. 


2. Cut administration costs 

How much time gets lost to inefficient administration? Repeat calls to find out if a request has been fulfilled? Emails asking to update HR records? An intranet web portal gives an easy way to put forms online, making it easier to get things right first time around. 

 With updated information in one place, it’s easier to avoid unnecessary small costs. From the small administration costs, you can save a remarkable amount of money every year. 


3. Save from Human Resources costs  

Better employee experience

Starting a new job is like drinking from a firehose; it’s a lot coming at you all at once. An interactive intranet can bring new hires up to speed much faster by immersing them in the company and giving them an overview of what’s going on from day one — in an easy-to-digest way.  

They can get a feel for the company and culture, meet colleagues, take part in onboarding activities, get mentoring and start contributing faster than ever before. Intranet with good content saves money and time from training expenses. 

Employees thrive when they’re expanding their skill sets and acquiring knowledge that makes them more effective and advances their careers. Interactive intranets make on-the-job learning a seamless part of everyday work.  

Users are constantly sharing expertise, answering colleagues’ questions, mentoring and educating each other, pooling their know-how and getting smarter together. Every moment becomes a teaching moment, supplementing formal training. 

 Because of a good intranet web portal, the training sessions can be individual and it will give more value for the training when everyone has access to the materials.


4. Save money and use your time wisely 

Many business owners, as well as employees, swap time in an effort to save money, but it's important to know the value of your time and make sure you're using it efficiently. 

If you are trying to find answers on something in the middle of the day instead of having access to all of the info, you are wasting your valuable working hours for nothing. Again, an intranet web portal helps you to have updated information for most of the common questions.  

It can help you take care of business needs while focusing on what you do best in your business. 


5. Save from office space costs. 

Depending on the commercial real estate situation in your area, you may be able to take advantage of depressed prices for office space to move your business to less expensive quarters or negotiate with your existing landlord for better lease terms. 

Offering the remote working opportunity to employees will  give them an advantage for saving in office space costs. With good on-time communication and file-sharing intranet, it’s easier to enable remote working opportunity and save from office space costs. 


Trigger productivity, happiness and savings in expenses an intranet web portal


I hope this blog demonstrates just how powerful this tool can be and how you can save in expenses with an intranet web portal.

The result of all of these benefits will be a more engaged, efficient and wallet-friendly solutions focusing on growing your business and that will also help your employees or work teams stay productive and delivering their daily tasks.

How would your new intranet web portal help grow your business? If you want to read more about what you need to compile your intranet business contact us at 





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