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How to Reorganize your SharePoint Intranet with Modern Features

SharePoint can help you create intranet sites for your company to enable smooth communication with internal and external stakeholders. But if your intranet is merely used as a dumping ground for files and you don’t have a plan to leverage the tools and features offered by SharePoint, it’ll have little value for your organization.

However, building intranets has become a priority for businesses since these are also a secure channel for collaboration for employees who work remotely. This mandates the need to reevaluate your SharePoint strategy and make full use of the many modern features it offers.

The following are some of the latest intranet features that you need to consider implementing:

Centralized Dashboard

To make the remote employees feel more connected with the organization, the intranet must have a shared dashboard where employees can share news and important updates. You need to ensure that the dashboard has different sections for company announcements, news, and task-related information.

SharePoint’s Intranet supported by this feature keeps your remote workers updated on the company policies, customer information, department news, and other essential updates. Moreover, a centralized dashboard ensures that all the employees are entirely in tune with a specific task with their colleagues and managers.

Seamless Collaboration

The entire concept of an intranet is to make collaboration and communication easier between employees. When your employees work remotely, they require real-time collaboration to ensure continued productivity.

This is where SharePoint intranet takes collaboration a notch higher and promotes communication among your remote staff. It even supports them in conversations for a seamless flow of information throughout your entire organization.

Improved Navigation

Old-school intranets were boring collections of links, files and documents, making it difficult for your employees to find what they are looking for.

But SharePoint gives you the ability to create department links in each site managed by that specific department. You could also set up a single site that your communications team handled. So that whenever a department needs to submit a file, the communications team has to approve them.

Moreover, each project team must be given complete freedom to arrange their content in whatever manner they find best. Even though some businesses have a specific structure for a department, the intranet must allow them to create their library in teams or as they see fit.

Audience Targeting

This feature enables you to display content to a selected group of employees to ensure that relevant information is delegated to the right people. You can enable this feature on navigation links, site pages, and even certain parts of the web page.

You can target your audience by classifying your documents according to the content type. Moreover, to ensure that the content type is relevant, you can use the Search feature for results that align with the kind of content you want to display to your audience.


You know that not all information is meant for everybody to see. This is why you need an intranet that allows you to set access permissions specific to the job roles, departments, job level, location, and professional interests. This keeps the privacy of your departments intact.

Moreover, the intranet needs to offer permission levels customized according to your organization’s requirements.

In Conclusion

These features can be integrated with your SharePoint Intranet to enable collaboration and streamline your business processes.

You can make your intranet more enjoyable so that your employees want to come back and use it to its full extent. This leaves a positive impact on their productivity, which in turn proves beneficial for your organization.

Moreover, these collaborative qualities ensure consistent information and uniform knowledge distribution through a centralized platform.

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