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How to Enhance Teamwork Using Intranet

Teamwork is an essential part of success development and it keeps your organization moving forward. Properly managed, it maximizes individual strengths that are complemented with the ones from the other team members. In the modern workplace, it is essential to keep collaboration across your organization building an intelligent intranet.

All organizations have important strategic goals that drive behavior and investments. If you want to be sure that your intranet is successful, you need to ensure that it is aligned with these goals.

Equally important is to take a look at recent employee satisfaction survey data. A good way to become more informed about the information and tools that your employees need is to look at the pain points identified in these surveys.

Drive engagement and inform

There are many features to take into consideration when you’re evaluating intranets. It should be a powerful tool that can better streamline business processes and communications while also allows all employees to connect and align with everyone at your company.

The most successful intranets don’t just look good, they are primarily focused on helping people get work done and often on promoting engagement.

With SharePoint and Microsoft 365 you can:

  1. Modernize your workplace, making the most of all the information gathered through collective knowledge that powers employee experiences.
  2. Adjust to changes in the organization and workforce with a dynamic structure of the portal.
  3. Create and broadcast your message with dynamic content to enhance teamwork through productive team sites for every project, department, and division. All in a customized site to streamline your team’s work.

To improve team performance, you must understand your audience. Think about your intranet, what will users be able to accomplish? How will they start their day? What will people say about the platform? You’ll want to do some research to engage with your users to understand their information requirements.

It’s important to evaluate intranet features and understand their purposes. Don’t forget that your intranet must be the digital solution to enhance team collaboration, file management, internal communications, and system workflows.

In Conclusion

Discover the importance of using your company’s intranet to engage with the employees. Empower them with the right intranet to effectively communicate with the entire organization.

Once they are in tune with all the benefits that an intranet offers, you will experience massive engagement from your employees and an increase in their productivity.

Definity First offers the best Intranet services that empower your senior leadership to leave a positive impact on their workforce.


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