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How Technology Adoption is Accelerating on the Frontline

The onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic compelled most employers to implement work-from-home policies. But despite these measures, not all workers have the luxury to work safely from their house. Many professionals, such as doctors, nurses, construction site workers, engineers, have to go to the frontline despite the high risk of virus exposure.

Some corporations deploy new technology but do not adequately train their frontline employees to maximize benefits. In addition to that, frontline workers struggle to streamline work responsibilities due to a lack of technological resources. Therefore, it is essential to provide the right digital tools that are easy to learn and empower frontline workers.

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams/Viva for Frontline Workers

These Microsoft solutions open a communication path for frontline workers to accumulate work knowledge, resources, and insights into the workflow. By integrating employee experiences through Microsoft Team/Viva, corporate leaders can help reduce stress for frontline workers.

Microsoft Team/Viva continues to innovate and simplify the tech-working environment for frontline workers. It offers multiple benefits, such as:

Creating A Sense of Purpose

Like every worker, frontline workers also need a sense of purpose to perform their duties vigilantly. This means they must know their role in the company’s progress and how much the company value’s their efforts in return. According to research, only 22% of employees feel connected to employers, and even fewer believe they are heard in the workplace.

However, corporate heads should openly communicate with frontline workers to appreciate their efforts. This increases their productivity and positive attitude toward their job. With Microsoft Team/Viva, corporate leaders hold group and one-on-one meetings with every frontline worker. Moreover, all frontline workers have access to company news, tasks, resources, and shift timing, increasing their involvement in the workflow.

Enables Flexibility

Frontline workers need a flexible forum to stay connected to the mainframe (workplace). In this pandemic-affected world, frontline workers have to perform different daily duties, such as interacting with customers, taking inventories, or hosting virtual consultations. Due to the flexible tech system, they know when, where, which duties they have to perform on the respective days, and which employees will work along with them.

The new features on Microsoft Team/Viva offer virtual rooms to eliminate the in-person components of meeting and arrival. These virtual visits also have a virtual waiting room to ensure customers feel welcome. In addition to this, the new features also offer personalized IDs, messaging, and real-time visit notifications directly linked with the online visiting schedule. So, if a meeting is rescheduled, it automatically updates the calendar, providing a seamless scheduling process.

Distributing Right Knowledge

Corporate leaders must empower their frontline workers with the proper knowledge at all times. As technology is not standard in these fields, frontline workers are dependent on paper-based processes. However, digitalizing these process saves workers time and effort. With the right tools, workers reach the right people, solve their problems, find the essential data, make the right decisions, and share their discoveries directly with employers and colleagues.

Using Microsoft Team/Viva, corporate leaders can provide frontline workers with open access to the proper knowledge. They can also use the live stream option to monitor or show a complex procedure live, guiding the viewers along the way.

Moreover, Microsoft Team/Viva is now supported by Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which protects and secures the single and shared devices used by frontline workers to access company policies, information, and confidential knowledge exchange between workers.

Prioritizing and Modernizing Training System

Most companies are not providing training to frontline workers even if they use innovative solutions to improve workplace connectivity. However, most frontline workers are not tech-savvy and do not know how to use these new digital systems to their fullest. That is why companies need to train the workers before expecting them to use these digital solutions.

Microsoft Team/Viva offers learning and training programs that teach frontline workers how to discover, access, share, and track the knowledge from these digital solutions. With the Microsoft Viva Learning application, frontline workers can easily take training in their free time and as much time as they want. Additionally, Microsoft offers new training videos to ensure frontline workers stay updated.

Wrapping Up

It is time to embrace the acceleration of technology on the frontline. Deploy Microsoft Team/Viva as an integration system because it is easy to learn and provides a complete employer-employee connectivity platform.

That is why you should choose Definity First, a trusted Microsoft Team/Viva partner, to deliver timely and effective digital solutions to streamline all your business processes.


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