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How SharePoint intranet fits with your modern work place strategy

SharePoint is a cloud-based collaboration platform for businesses to organize projects, build sites, manage teams and create intranets. It has been helping companies to streamline their day-to-day operations for many years.


However, in 2017, Microsoft modernized SharePoint based on new web technology, making it more mobile and easier to use. This, of course, also had implications for the modern workplace.  

The trouble is that many businesses have so far resisted adapting to the Modern SharePoint because they are happy with the ‘classic’ version, and Microsoft hasn’t forced anyone to migrate either.  


What makes modern SharePoint intranet better option? 

It’s an exciting new experience for users, offering a fresh look and solutions that are designed specifically to work on mobile devices – not to mention it has pretty much eliminated the common usability issues of SharePoint. 


However, the modern SharePoint intranets have an online version thus far.  

All in all, it makes for more compelling sites that are mobile-friendly as well. And you can take your work anywhere and deliver faster results (since everything is online). This simply means that there won’t be server bottlenecks to deal with once you’ve migrated.  


Modern SharePoint intranet and workplace strategy 

How modern SharePoint intranet fits with your modern workplace strategy


One of the most significant features of Modern SharePoint intranets are that it is a cloud-based framework that offers several ways to simplify your workflow. They are easy to use, so your staff needs fewer instructions, and this makes the adoption process quicker and more efficient. 


Additionally, this secure platform keeps business data safe with built-in security features for your intranet, which should be the utmost priority for any organization. Furthermore, it can be modified to suit your business needs – you can seamlessly integrate existing Microsoft products and even tweak other elements as you see fit 


Migrate Sharepoint with your business 


Its functions also help boost the productivity of employees by allowing them to collaborate easily, connect with co-workers, and get things done faster without disruptions.   

However, the most notable improvement is the Microsoft SharePoint Mobile App that lets you stay connected to the news, sites, and other important links for your team.  


If you are wondering whether it’d be a good idea to migrate to Modern SharePoint, stop second-guessing yourself. The fact that it can help you get out of managing a complicated SharePoint farm should be reason enough.  

But you also get plenty of other benefits that’ll help you update and organize the way you do business.


Put SharePoint to work for your organization  


The good news is that after migration, all sites built on SharePoint are still classic, and Microsoft will continue to support them for the foreseeable future.  

All in all, you get to modernize your workplace and workflow while taking advantage of custom Modern SharePoint solutions that can add value to the way you store, consolidate, share, and access information across your business.  


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