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How Does SharePoint Intranet Will Support You When You Get Back to the Office?

As the world gets used to the new normal, businesses are gradually preparing to reopen and resume everyday work. However, after months of quarantine and remote work, it seems like a challenging task to open up offices, especially with the looming danger of a second wave of the pandemic.

In addition to ensuring the physical health and safety of the returning workforce, HR managers are particularly concerned about staff mental health and psychological safety. This mandates the need for policies and strategies to make employees welcome and safe in the workplace.

Streamlined internal communication is a crucial aspect of this movement. And it can only happen with the right software and a robust company intranet that makes it easier than ever for employees to access frequent updates, information about staying well, and tools that aid their work.

Read on to find out how an intranet can make your return to work transition smoother:

5 Ways SharePoint Intranet Supports You While You Return To Work

As you make plans to ensure a smooth return to work process, it’s also important to devise contingency plans for the uncertain future ahead.

The following are some ways your company intranet can help your business to navigate the new normal:

Centralized Location for Policies on Switching Back to Remote Work

With the increase in Covid-19 cases, the chances of a second wave of the disease are still looming. Now, you already have the policies and protocols that were created during the first wave. But it would be best if you re-evaluated their potency.

SharePoint intranet serves as a common platform that houses all the protocols and procedures related to work-from-home in case of a second wave. Your employees can also use it to gain access to real-time official updates on Covid-19. It also allows you to create a forum where the leadership can update their employees if a second lockdown is implemented.

Keeps Tabs On Your Employee’s Physical Well-Being

SharePoint Intranet serves as a platform where you can keep tabs on any symptoms reported by your employees through forms. The HR then presents them with necessary isolation protocols that can be saved on the platform and be viewed from anywhere.

The intranet works as a centralized platform for all information on maintaining employee safety that should be available in multiple formats, including audio, video, and subtitles.

Offers Help on Mental Health Issues

COVID-19 has exposed the global population to stress elements that have a massive impact on their mental health. This is why a company returning to the new normal must be vigilant about its employee’s mental health.

This is where the intranet helps you. It serves as the platform where you can offer information on mental health awareness and counseling services. You can also provide contact information or links to HR or occupational health workers to access them easily.

Shares the Burden of Your HR Team

The HR team is overburdened with devising safety protocols, overseeing the layoffs and furloughs, and implementing the SOPs at the workplace.

With the SharePoint intranet, you can automate HR processes and workflows that save them enough time to manage other important tasks that they could not spare time for.

Streamlines Remote Workflow

Most organizations continue to allow some of their workforce to work from home, but this usually means a hindrance in communication between your on-site and remote teams.

With the help of the SharePoint intranet, you can assess the success of your remote work strategies through your employee satisfaction levels. It also gives them complete access to all the digital tools and information they need to work from home effectively.


In Conclusion

To encourage digital transformation in your workplace, you need to leverage the power of an intranet. Getting the right intranet software helps you connect remote workers, streamlining the workflow, keep tabs on your employees’ well-being, and update them on the latest information.

Definity First offers Microsoft SharePoint Intranet that allows you to empower your employees with the right collaboration tools. It also keeps a heightened focus on your company’s goals, culture, values, and preferences.


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