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Create the Best Intranet for your Company in 2022

Intranet is a private network that restricts access to approved IP addresses and login credentials, keeping everyone else locked out. As businesses learn the benefits of the company intranet, they are setting up this secure communication portal for their employees.

As a result, 85% of companies have an intranet or an employee communication portal because it is essential for fruitful and mutually beneficial employee relationships.

In fact, a modern intranet is the perfect digital workplace communication platform for every organization. However, it needs to be set up correctly in a way that optimizes the user experience. Otherwise, the result is a clunky interface that's difficult to use and doesn't benefit users or organizations.

So, when investing in a corporate intranet, it's best to let our experts suggest and implement the following best practices for you.

5 Best Strategies for 2022 Intranet

Your company intranet must be fast, reliable, and lacking complexity to improve employee engagement and communication. You can create the best intranet of 2022 with these five strategies.

1. Your intranet should help achieve your business objectives

While making your business intranet, it is easy to stray from the main goals and incorporate irrelevant functionality. The purpose of the intranet is to provide a platform where every employee can streamline their progress, communicate, exchange files and stay connected to the workplace at large.

However, you need to align all result-driven objectives to achieve this end goal. So, before jumping to software development, make sure you know your business objectives. Then, evaluate how to incorporate them into the intranet to save time and energy.

2. Make sure it's intuitive and easy to use

An intranet's purpose is to bring ease into your employee's life. However, if it is complex and challenging to navigate, it will start taking too much time instead of saving it. This way, the main goal of creating an intranet is lost as no one would like to use it. So, ensure that it is easy to navigate so users can quickly find what they are looking for.

Moreover, an easy-to-use intranet is also easy to maintain. To create a user-friendly intranet, make sure it allows people to target information to the correct recipient. Every action is labeled to avoid confusion and have a platform searching option, so employees don't have to search the whole intranet manually.

3. Your intranet should look as good as it functions

A dull, tedious, and drab intranet platform does not encourage people to use it. Instead, it works as a repellent. It is our nature to be attracted to beautiful and aesthetically pleasing things as human beings. They satisfy our visual senses, make us feel calm and happy. So, if your business intranet platform fails to deliver these feelings, high chances are your employees won't be using it anytime soon.

You can make your intranet perfect for your employees' taste by using calm color tones for design. Now there is a ton of graphic designing technology. Use it to give a modern touch to the intranet. For example, use different color themes to represent teams, tasks, and projects. You should also avoid using loud colors and putting too many things on one page. So, make sure things don't appear cluttered or disorganized.

4. Make it fun

Just because the intranet is created for professional use, such as communication and sharing documents, ideas, and plans, doesn't mean you can't incorporate fun into it.

You can bring joy into the intranet platform to boost employee morale. Your employees get tired of all the work and lose motivation every day, leading to complete burnout. So, it is your job to make your work exciting to avoid employee burnout.

You can hold contests, create team challenges, individual games, and gamify many functions. These activities will better bond all your teams together and help them blow off some much-needed steam. Moreover, your employees will get acquainted with these games and show better collaborative performance.

5. Deploy correct business intranet software

You will encounter multiple business intranet software, but they are not created equally. And they might not be the right choice for your company. Therefore, compare the software and your business intranet goals to see if they align with each other. Avoid using software that cannot be updated with time. Ensure that you tailor the intranet according to your business needs.

Deliver value, drive engagement, and business performance through the best intranet in 2022

Intranet is a new buzz for companies, and everyone wants to create a good intranet for their company. However, there are multiple blunders you can encounter along the way.

But using these strategies along with Definity First's professional help, you can build the best company intranet of 2022. In addition, we can provide you with advanced enterprise-grade solutions to face any complex technical challenge.

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