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How to boost productivity through a SharePoint Intranet

Boosting productivity through a SharePoint Intranet sounds like a challenge, especially during this new social distancing era that has forced us to work remotely.

For most companies and organizations around the globe, improving productivity and encouraging employee retention is key to their business development.

In fact, for a company/organization to be successful in the long-term, it’s essential to find new or proper methods to improve productivity while also decreasing stress and pressure on employees.

As a result, a modern workplace combined with a remote working policy is the perfect way to achieve goals, be successful, and above all, be a positive place to work where productivity levels and happiness are always on the rise.

With this in mind, SharePoint is the world’s most popular base technology for intranets. This is repeatedly reflected in various digital workplace and intranet surveys. For this reason, you can be sure that investing in a SharePoint Intranet means that productivity will be on the raise.

As mentioned in previous posts, a SharePoint Intranet is the centralized space where all your content and information will be updated, with easy and secure access (even from mobile devices). Think of it as the virtual office where productivity will happen.


To explain how a SharePoint Intranet drives productivity, we enlisted the following:


1. Increasing happiness by reducing stressors

A digital workplace can help to improve employee positivity by reducing the stressors caused by work that’s being managed ineffectively. In particular, long meetings or email threads, and outdated or counterproductive methods to get work done can cause stress among employees.

A digital workplace promotes efficiency by empowering employees to focus on get their work done. That’s how a SharePoint Intranet steps up as your productivity hero; it’s easily integrated with other Microsoft tools like OneDrive and Office365, and it can create real collaborative experiences with Teams.

Microsoft365The integration with the suite of tools of Microsoft 365 will allow you to create a great modern workplace experience, while also using your intranet to drive adoption and establish some governance.

In conclusion: removing complicated procedures, processes or repetitive tasks will provide staff with a working environment that reduces stress and improves productivity.


2. Meet your employees’ needs

Happy employees are those who stay with your business, especially when it comes to companies that embrace positive change and digital innovations.

For more and more employees, digital is the default way of working. Digital means faster, easier to manage and access. So, think of your SharePoint Intranet as the centralized digital place where remote work will happen.

Embracing a digital workflow will be easy with the right platform and technology that facilitates employees with all the tools they need, especially during the era of remote work we’re living.

To summarize: happy employees are those who stay with your business, especially when it comes to companies that embrace positive change and digital innovations that will allow them to stay focused on their tasks and activities.


3.    Increase employees’ happiness

Obviously, what works for one person won’t work someone else, but you can provide them with the perfect digital workplace that’s flexible enough to make them feel that they’re supported and completed with the tools they need.

Nowadays, remote working policies and flexibility are some ways in which companies are achieving the goal of making their workforce happier. Therefore, Happier employees are more productive employees.

Finally, a SharePoint Intranet might be the answer to drive happiness among your employees. For this reason; from collaboration to task management, the right intranet web portal can improve your employee’s happiness, which in result, will enhance and promote your company values and culture.


Make your employees happier with a SharePoint Intranet


SharePoint steps up as the top choice to develop of an intranet. The benefits are endless and perfect to deliver the real modern workplace experience any company needs right now.

As can be seen, with the ability to be more flexible and have more freedom in their style of working, a digital modern workplace experience can promote a working space that’s both productive and effective, without sacrificing on that individual’s preferred way to work.

A SharePoint intranet as part of your modern workplace is precisely the base needed to go further, do more, and keep your employees engaged.

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