Fernando Gutierrez Aug 23, 2022 12 min read

7 Reasons Why You Still Need A Corporate Intranet in 2022

Intranets are popular among businesses trying to boost internal communication and efficiency. However, you may wonder, "Is intranet technology still relevant?"  

The answer is a resounding YES! 

Corporate intranet systems like SharePoint are reliable business solutions. These secure, private networks span the divide between several company divisions, enabling employees to reach their full potential. 

It fosters improved interaction and teamwork, which results in gratifyingly simplified corporate operations. An advanced social network, healthy interconnected structures, and improved shareholder returns are all benefits of investing in a secure intranet for your company's business activities. 

Here are seven reasons why the intranet is still crucial for your business. 


  • Balance Between Job And Personal Life 

Allowing employees to work efficiently from home is one of the benefits of an intranet. Employees should be able to access their company intranet using an internet service and login information from any location, providing access to all the resources and collaborators required to do their tasks. Employees satisfied with their work-life balance are more likely to be more productive. 

Using an intranet in the workplace can also help employees work more efficiently during the day, allowing them to log off earlier if they like. 

  • Improving Collaboration 

The adoption of collaboration tools has increased from 55% in 2019 to 79% in 2021. Intranets are more prevalent in larger enterprises because of the demand and need for the end users. Particularly in companies that have remote workers or offices and global organizations.  

An intranet allows offices and employees across the company to connect and collaborate. This is regardless of where they are physically located, reducing the chances of errors due to a lack of collaboration.  

Most modern intranets allow numerous users to collaborate on the same file simultaneously and always have the most recent version. 

  • Consolidated Work Processes 

Every office in a multinational company is unlikely to use the same processes. Even though they may have a framework, cultural diversity and other factors may cause individuals to work differently than their peers. When people from different parts of the organization work together on projects, these distinctions might confuse them.  

A company's intranet provides all of the necessary tools for a single procedure, so there is no uncertainty about what resources to utilize and when. Activities can be consolidated into the organization's digital workplace, cutting costs and decreasing confusion while enhancing the workflow. 

  • Simple File And Information Storage 

Hundreds of thousands of files in various formats float around in the cloud backup, email threads, or hard disks on laptops and desktops in every workplace. With a workplace intranet like SharePoint, you may store and access all of your documents in one place. Any communications on it are accounted for as long as an intranet is operational. As a result, it's easier for employees to look up old posts on the company intranet. 

  • Initiate Better Lines Of Communication 

Linked culture research found that 71% of employees who reported being more productive claimed they felt connected to their colleagues. With a variety of communication options, employees can communicate as they like. Users can obtain the information they require from their coworkers more quickly thanks to social media, audio, video, instant messaging, and email. 

  • Increase Productivity 

Intranet software has the potential to ultimately boost the productivity of all employees who use it by consolidating all of the resources they require into a single location and assisting them in adopting a more positive attitude. 

A high-quality intranet creates a more effective firm where employees are more productive, committed, collaborative, and communicative, ultimately leading to increased profitability and efficiencies. 

  • Encourage A Positive Work Environment 

Nowadays, employees are dispersed throughout various divisions, some even opting to work from home or via telework. Your company's intranet needs to unite individuals to develop a better corporate culture through deep professional connections.  

Your intranet must promote the values you want to see reflected in your company's culture and help employees communicate more effectively. 


Businesses have been utilizing intranets for decades to boost employee productivity by streamlining communication and providing quick and easy access to critical company data. 

But when bringing new intranet software to a company, it's crucial to ensure that it has all the functionality you need to fulfill your core goals and requirements. Determining whether or not the fundamental intranet features will still be useful in the future is also essential to keep in mind. Only then will you be able to utilize it efficiently.  


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